My Life In Jewels started with my Mother’s jewellery box and sparkly purple rings from trips to the dentist.  It meandered through hemp necklace hippy days and then it leaped into Jewellery Art and Design school.  It now lives colourfully in Vancouver BC, Canada  Making, living, and breathing all things in jewels.  I have my own line of contemporary art jewellery which you can find here, Patsy Kay Kolesar Design

My life In Jewels will show you my personal jewellery history, find out about yours, and showcase some of todays most interesting Canadian and international art jewellery.  

I will open up My Jewellery Box, to show you the pieces that mean the most to me.

I will ask you to Tell Me Your Story, so I can share your favourite pieces and the stories behind them.

I will highlight Art Jewelleryto share with you what Canadian and international artists are creating today.

My Mother's Jewelry Box


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