100 Year Old Handmade Nail Pendant

Sometimes I get to be part of some amazing custom jewelry stories.  Chrissy came to me a couple of weeks ago with a 100 year old nail that she wanted to be able to wear as a pendant. 

The nail came from her families house which her Grandfather built on Prince Edward Island 120 years ago.  Her family still has this house, her nephew is living in it now and a number of years ago they built a small house attached to the main house for her grandmother to live in.  While they were taking out the windows on the side of the house Chrissy was picking up these old nails thinking she would do something with them one day.

The nails are beautiful, they are handmade.  Chrissy thought it would be cool to wear one as a pendant so that is how it ended up in my hands.  I was very excited to turn this beautiful old nail into something that could be worn on the body…

vancouver custom jewellery

The 100 year old handmade nail

patsy kolesar custom jewelry

My sketch

patsy kolesar custom jewelry

The finished pendant.


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