Gold Forged Bracelet

I have mentioned jewellery given to me by my Auntie Kay in Australia a few times.  This hand forged gold bracelet was given to me by my Auntie Marion and Uncle Dan, on my Dad’s side of the family, who live in New Hampshire. I grew up with just my immediate family around me, my Dad, Mom, sister Kim, and our cat Biscuit.  My mom’s whole side of the family lived in Australia and my Dads family lived  in Manitoba, and New Hampshire.

We drove to Flin Flon, Manitoba to see my slovakian Grandmother each summer, but because of long family drama’s and the Kolesar stubborn gene (which I’ve inherited) I didn’t meet my Auntie Marion and Uncle Dan until my grandmothers funeral when I was 19.   My Auntie Marion worked for a jeweler, I believe in his gallery for a number of years, so when we met her and each time they came to visit after that first meeting she would bring us exquisite gifts of jewellery.  When she first gave me this forged gold bracelet It became a fixture on my wrist for many years.
gold forged bracelet


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